Thursday, September 3, 2015

Carlen Family's Traveling Blog Portal

Welcome to Carlen Family Traveling Blog portal from which Hans and Di Carlen will provide links to the various trips that we have done or will do.

First a pic to set the scene...

Here are we are in the spa of our motel in Rotorua, New Zealand, January 2011, during those pre-blogging days.

Photo taken by Jeremy, Hans' son.

Now the blogs. We hope that you will enjoy our humble writing.

Trips Planned

Mexico and USA, 2015 (Di only: 6 - 20 Sep)

Di will go to Mexico with her girlfriend Lisa, finishing off with a couple of nights in Los Angeles.

Camino 2015 - France, Spain and Portugal (Hans only: 9 Sep - 12 Nov)

Hans will endeavor to walk the pilgrim trail Camino de Santiago de Compostela from St Jean Pied de Port in southern France. A bit of socializing before and after and a bit of touristing too.

Hans will fly in via Paris, France and back home via Lisbon, Portugal.

Trips Completed...

San Francisco, USA, 2014 (Di: 16 Oct-26 Oct, Hans: 8 Oct-29 Oct)

One only overseas trip in 2014 took us back to USA (hey, better take advantage of those 5 years multiple entry visas that we have). Guess who has a job to go back to in Australia and who can stay there just a little bit longer...

USA, Canada, Northern / Central Europe (Jan 2013-Jan 2014)

2013 was our "gap year" when we travelled around the world. We called it "vagabonding in the western world" :-), as we focused on North America and Europe.Breakdown of countries / areas where we went:

  • US - 8 Jan to 6 Jul
  • Canada - 6 Jul to 28 Jul
  • UK - 29 Jul to 11 Oct
  • 12 Oct to 20 Oct: Di: London, UK & Hans: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland - 20 Oct to 5 Jan 2014




Oct-Dec and Jan 2014:

Note: As Blogger has a limit of 100 posts per blog and given 1 post per day, we created 4 blogs, divided roughly into one blog for each of the 4 quarters.

Australian Campervanning (NSW, South Australia and Victoria) (Oct-Nov 2012)

We borrowed Di's mum's campervan (thanks heaps to Audrey and Alan) and took off campervanning in the Australian states of New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. The main focus was to travel in the bush away from the coast, to places we hadn't been to before, to wine regions and to national parks for hiking.

We also visited family in Snowy Mountains and borrowed our dear neighbours Jim and Michel's apartment in Narooma for a few days.

Vietnam: Hanoi and surroundings (Aug-Sep 2012)

This was a short 9 nights stay in a small area of northern Vietnam; Hanoi, Halong Bay and Cat Ba. We also did a few day trips out of Hanoi.

China: HongKong, Guangzhou and Macau (Nov-Dec 2011)

This was a 2 weeks "triangular" round trip from HongKong to Guangzhou to Macau and back to HongKong.

And now to something completely different...

Hans The Hiker...

We are both keen hikers and Hans, the keener one, has created a seperate blog to cover his hikes around Sydney and elsewhere. Some of our overseas hikes covered in the travel blogs will also be covered here.

Seven or Half a Dozen

Blog for irrelevant events, opinions and observations from the sidelines and perhaps a little bit of rant. Why not...?